The Jawns

by Olde Pine

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released March 25, 2015

Tony Kissell - Drums, Vocals, Bass
Justin Brown - Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Tim Longo - Guitar, Vocals
Sam Perry - Bass, Vocals
Recorded and Mixed by Olde Pine
Mastered by Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering



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Never Home Records Brisbane, Australia

Small independent record label from Brisbane, Australia.

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Track Name: Ham Porter
Wake up!
Spring out of bed!
Let's get out of the house, let's leave now!

Jump in! Were on our way! Heads aimed straight at the woods, let's dive in

In the mix of the trees we sure stand out, like your eyes.
In the breath from the leaves lies a truth I could never doubt, the thought paralyzed me

Our bond was born from random circumstance (sometimes things go wrong)
A simple thing goes far in a world of complexity and I savor every moment by your side
You'll always be my little guy
Cut from the same cloth and hung out to dry
Track Name: Buy a Pound, Smoke a Pount
Propagate your plants
The summers short and time is key in botany and I'd like to see the fruits of my labor this year
It's not like I've spent all this time sowing seeds in perfectly straight uniform lines to only root myself in trivial things that I just can't change. What a shame

And we grow so slowly
We build ourselves back up
Only to be broken down

Prune the dead and dying leaves
The scintillating sun has plans, I'm kicking cans, cuz I'd like to see some proliferation this year. It's not like I've spent all this time, digging holes in dirt and excavating my clouded mind, to only root myself in l

And we grow so slowly
We build ourselves back up
Only to be broken down

The summers short and the winter sucks the soul out of me
Why can't I find a better place to hide?
Inside a static mind the story never ends and it's clear to me now that even beautiful growth must die.
Track Name: Delgrengo's
Put your good shoes on
Comb your hair
Were going out tonight
Pack your smokes
Save your jokes
These nights keep getting shorter and I just keep holding on

Tip a tall beer back
Cut your heart some slack
There's no mistakes in a love life
I finally see
What's bothering me
It's that I can't save you too

I can see just you and me living life so blissfully
It's clear to me but not to you, so what's a lonely boy to do?

I'll stick to myself
Away from the boys who break your heart that you still keep on the top shelf

While it's not hard to see your symmetry
I only wish that you'd open up to me

that's not happening
Track Name: Ray Romano Re-Runs
Blue lights flashed across my face, a seizure into my new life. Told me to pick up and walk away, I wasn't ready probably never will

You left as I wouldn't budge. The choice was mine. Adulthood came quick but I could handle it.

Cheers to your life, I'll take mine anyday cuz sometimes not feeling is better than feeling.
Track Name: Mr. Pavo's Jackhammer Tricks
The tattoo on your side is still the main attraction in the museum of my memory
Beautiful colors fully in bloom
These are the hues that I can't untie from you

On a hotel bed I'm laying dead
Dreaming that this could be alive
Dreaming that this could be my life
Your crooked teeth lent a perfect smile
To my swelling soul on our lonely isle
and it's killing me

The BB in your cheek still makes me weak
Track Name: Dope Anchor
I thought I'd give you some advice
on how to stay the fuck out of my life
Just keep on treating people like shit
And keep on being perfectly fine with it

You push, I pull
I drain, you fill
There's not enough time for me to be all mine
You jump, I crawl
Concrete breaks the fall
There's not enough time to oust out your bull fucking shit
Track Name: King Tut's Burial Mask Has Been "Irreversibly Damaged"
Drive up the interstate, I'll get home but it's too late. Will you wait for me?
I don't expect too much, nothing stays the same, so I'll do what I have to, will you stick it out or will we just fade away.
Testing the best in the worst way, is how we got to this sad state. Call it a sense for insensibility.
And it went on without me, as if I could do anything. That's what you get for living. that's what you get, that's what you get anyway.

I'm here in the end at least, it's been longer than I thought it'd be, but the roads clear ahead grab each other and we'll just drive away
Track Name: The Hot Stuff
Let's rebuild the magic feelings that we built as one
Let's take back what was ours from the start
We carry on with the broken parts of our past
All you'll ever know is what's in your heart
The weight of the world will break the back of a lonely one
The strength in our numbers rivals the sun
Track Name: I'm Gonna Shoot (cr-Emo)
call me weak, call me senseless
tell me what i wouldn't do for you

sure we're broke,
sure I'm hopeless
cant change what i feel for you

I still remember
standing on the edge of forever
moonlight rippled in the tide

with your hand in mine,
said, no matter how much time
I would always be true to you

that October my world turned over
when I said I love you

I love you

I dont think you know what it means that you come to every show
that you'd uproot yourself for me and move across the country

I dont think you know what it means that you come to every show
and you put up with me when I dont know what I want

I dont think you know what it means that you come to every show
and you gave your heart to me cause its all that i want

safe and sound in your arms
Track Name: Why Not Piss Outside?
Picked you up with your pink suitcase
On a tired shitty rainy day
Just you and me on 1-93
Temporary therapeutic lobotomy

There are roads that you have crossed
That have left you feeling lost and empty
Has the price that you have paid
Left a hue of faded jade?

Is there pride in your demise?
Tension settles with the clear skies
But clouds don't block your calls
It's the walls that you've built up

In time you'll find that the faith of your friends will wear thin as you withdraw

Don't let yourself go to waste, ill help you find some clear safe space. Trust in time that you'll be fine, keep your head held high and keep your feet in stride

I hope you figure out just this one thing
I hope you figure this out
I hope you figure out just this one thing
I hope you figure it out

I hope you know

I can't stand anymore than you can on just two feet. In the house that you built on the backs of your friends, in a bed we made, you'll lie in it.